Parents Program

Building School-Home Connections

What can “America’s Leading Reading Ambassador” teach you about inspiring your child to love reading and achieve more? The first thing you need to understand is how important you are in your child’s development.

If you feel lost as a parent, I get it. I have three children of my own. I have been to the parties where a friend brags that his 3-year-old daughter just composed her first symphony. Meanwhile, I can boast that my son just learned how to pick his nose with two fingers at the same time. It is not easy being a parent, and I am here to support you.

“Dr. Danny Brassell was one of our most entertaining and engaging speakers. Full of great information and enthusiasm…parents and teachers loved his fast paced presentation. We look forward to having Dr. Brassell back again.”

Kristina Jackson, Parent Talk Coordinator
South Bay Adult School
Redondo Beach, California

The son of a librarian, I grew up hating reading. I understand students who are under-motivated and/or struggling, and I know how to ignite their passion to improve. My experiences as a teacher have taught me that the key to helping your children thrive is to build on their interests. I will show you how your presence, not your presents, impacts your children’s belief in themselves and ability to succeed.

As a teacher I have worked with incarcerated parents, intoxicated parents – you name it. However, I have never met any parents who do not love hearing wonderful things said about their children. As a parent, you want whatever tools will help your child succeed. Let me help you by showing you how to inspire your children to love reading and achieve more.

“Danny received glowing comments about his keynote address at our Conference on Inclusive Education. He was dynamic and engaging, reminding everyone in the audience that having high expectations while teaching and learning should and can be FUN! Here’s what some of Danny’s audience had to say: ‘wonderful; my favorite; amazing; I want him to teach my kids; one of the best speakers I have ever seen; he’s what we need to hear more often; and Danny rocks!’”

Bronwen Buswell, Conference Coordinator
PEAK Parent Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado