Education Program

Providing Caffeine for the Soul

Ever had to endure a boring meeting, energy-draining back-to-school kickoff or dreaded District in-service? How valuable is training if you promptly forget everything you learned? I’ve been there and done that, and I assure you that you are going to find your time with me well-spent. My goal is to provide you a presentation that is “fun, meaningful and memorable.”

Whether you are a teacher searching for ways to meet the needs of English language learners or a principal trying to boost employee morale and effectiveness, my speaking engagements and coaching programs are known to have a lasting impact on you and your organization. You’ll find how learning, disguised as play, will have a dramatic effect on your long-term results.

“Danny is a cross between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams…If you don’t walk away from his seminar with ideas you can use tomorrow, you were unconscious during the presentation.”

Nancy Bebrin, ESL teacher
Quaker Farms School
Oxford, Connecticut

It takes a special person to be an educator. Every day presents new challenges, and our attitudes and expectations shape our success. My fast-paced, humorous and motivational presentations are designed to show you how you make a difference in the lives of your students. From teaching preschoolers to rocket scientists, I have had my own share of trials and tribulations in the classroom. Additionally, my experiences as an administrator have humbled me when it comes to the importance of fostering relationships with diverse personalities.

As an educator, you do not teach for the pay or daily accolades from society; you choose to work in education because you care about kids. The standardized testing craze has terrified students and led many great educators to quit. Come join me as I remind you of your importance in the every day development of children. I will remind you how to laugh, sing, dance and play in order to bring the joy back into your school.

“Dr. Danny Brassell is one of the most energetic speakers I have ever heard. His strategies are practical, well researched and easy for teachers at all grade levels to implement in their classrooms the very next day. You simply will not find a better speaker out there.”

Rob Gardner, Assistant Superintendent
Platte County R-3 School District
Platte City, Missouri