Corporate Program

Read, Lead & Succeed

What can “America’s Leading Reading Ambassador” teach you and your organization about leadership? Plenty! We have made success too complicated. The greatest leadership lessons aren’t found in the pages of financial magazines or in Ivy League corridors, but within the pages of nursery rhymes and on the elementary school playground.

I have managed the toughest audiences in America (public school students; a.k.a., your children/future employees), navigated one of the most challenging corporations in the world (the American public education system) and built positive and productive relationships between some of the most knowledgeable minds on the planet (parents and school administrators).

“Danny aspires to bring the best out of an individual by using his charismatic enthusiasm, humor, and motivational skills. It was evident that our employees walked away inspired and were eager for more Danny.”

Daniela Sabo, Human Resources Coordinator
AEG – STAPLES Center and NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE
Los Angeles, California

Are you a parent (by the way, if you have only one child, Bill Cosby says you are not a parent…because you know who did it!)? Do you want your children to succeed? I have three children of my own – all raised by the same parents, in the same home, with the same nourishment and privileges. Yet my own children’s interests and talents are as diverse as the cereals at a grocery store. I want my children to succeed, and I have learned different ways to meet each of their needs.

What are you doing to help the people in your organization succeed? Leaders come in myriad forms with different approaches and styles. I have helped leaders succeed by building upon their interests and talents and those of the people in their organizations.

“(Danny’s) goal is to inspire others to make a difference themselves, and he was able to elicit from each of us our unique story so that we could motivate others. He made it so easy to share the details of our inspiration, bumps on the road, and successes. He is the perfect role model himself!”

Jacqueline Caster, President and Founder
Everychild Foundation
Pacific Palisades, California

Today’s business, corporate, and association audiences are savvier than ever. They don’t want a standup comic, a renowned author or even a published expert with a doctoral degree – they want them all! With Danny, you get all three!


1. Experienced Speaker (Easy to Work With)
Danny has delivered over 1,500 motivational presentations and seminars at conferences, meetings and in-services throughout the United States. Today, Danny delivers over 100 requested presentations a year.

2. Your Audiences Will Learn, Laugh & Be Inspired!
Danny will entertain and inspire your audience while they learn real-life applicable tips to achieve superior results.

3. America’s Leading Reading Ambassador
Danny has been a leader in education over the past 20 years, working with some of the world’s leading reading experts. The founder of “The Lazy Readers’ Book Club,” Danny has helped tens of thousands of people ignite a passion for reading. He shares his incredible knowledge and teaching experience to show your audience and community how reading is integral to leading, and how together both are the pathway to succeeding.

4. Top-Selling Author
Danny is helping 1,000’s of leaders with his hot top seller The Leader Makeover. Learn how to excite others around you about projects, build on their strengths and interests and build a solid working environment dedicated to teamwork to achieve greater results.

5. You Get 100 FREE Books!
You will receive 100 free copies of The Leader Makeover when you book Danny for your next event.

“I recently had the wonderful experience of hearing Dr. Brassell speak before a crowd of Beverly Hills business leaders and he was not only able to hit his target message but he was successful in bringing back the child in all of us. It is truly a pleasure to recommend Dr. Danny Brassell for one of your meetings. I can guarantee he will have you opening your next novel and seeing it with a new perspective and a renewed spirit of wonder.”

Bryan Monfort, Vice President of Operations
Lawry’s Restaurants Inc.
Beverly Hills, California