How to Find a Book for Your Child to Read

Written by Danny Brassell on . Posted in Uncategorized

Do you have children who claim they hate reading? Why do you think that is?

More often than not, I bet kids hate reading because they are forced to read things that don’t interest them. What was your favorite textbook as a child? Can you remember any comprehension exercises with fondness?

3_zfinding books

Here are some tips to find books your children will read:

  1. Ask. Ask children what they would like to read, and let them read those things (e.g., books about dinosaurs, skateboard magazines, comic strips, etc.).
  2. Model. If you spend all of your free time watching TV in front of your children, can you guess why your children want to spend their free time watching TV? It is also not a coincidence that many children develop similar reading preferences as their parents.
  3. Look Together. Trips to the library and bookstore can be wonderful opportunities to check out your children’s interest in particular books, genres, etc.
  4. Share. Read aloud your favorite books to your children. You read these books differently, and children tend to enjoy these books more.
  5. Recommend. Hand children something you enjoyed reading and tell them that you thought they’d enjoy it, too. Most children love to hear you were thinking about them and will eagerly read the book to discuss it with you.

Don’t make this too difficult. Follow these simple steps and your child will develop your love of reading.