“Danny Brassell’s unique blend of wit and wisdom was the perfect way to begin our new school year!  His ability to strike the perfect balance between having us look at ourselves in a lighthearted, humorous manner, while validating our professionalism and the important work we do for children, is a true gift!  Danny is now part of our family, and we’ll definitely have him back next year!”

John P. Donnellan, Superintendent
Fox Lake Grade School District 114
Fox Lake, Illinois

“Danny was BY FAR the most energetic and dynamic speaker I have ever heard. The content was a wonderful affirmation for me. It was so nice to hear validation and a positive attitude. Well-organized, smooth-running and motivating day!”

Sue Mutti, Teacher
Robinson Park Elementary School
Agawan, Massachusetts

“Nothing could have been better for our teachers to start the year off on a positive note. Danny engaged and motivated all of our teachers from pre-K to high school, first year to 30 year vets, with stories from the classroom and life. His energy and passion for literacy generated a standing ovation and is something our teachers still talk about.”

Robert Schwartz, Chief Academic Officer
ICEF Public Schools
Los Angeles, California

“Danny’s enthusiasm was contagious and his personal experiences made the presentation informative and relevant. Some people may find it daunting to energize and motivate a large group of administrators after completing statewide testing, but Danny ‘knocked our socks off.’ We were ready for any challenge after listening to his inspiring presentation.”

Robert L. Wagner, President
Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals
Ocean City, Maryland

“Danny is personable and friendly, and greets as many session attendees as possible before the session begins. During his presentations, he includes attendees as participants, allowing for the strategies he is demonstrating to stick with you far longer. His sessions are full of immediately usable ideas, and besides that, they are energetic and fun. If I had children, I would certainly want them to have a teacher who teaches the way Danny does!”

Dayna Hammel, Teacher and Vice-Principal
Southside Christian School
Red Deer, Alberta

“Danny Brassell is a catalyst that inspires you to remember why we chose our teaching profession. His presentations are upbeat, entertaining, engaging, and focused on reading strategies that teachers can apply immediately. Danny has presented in our district on several occasions, and the teachers and principals beg to have him back.”

Jeanne Madere, Elementary English Language Arts Consultant
Jefferson Parish Public School System
Harvey, Louisiana

“Dr. Danny Brassell is one of the most energetic speakers I have ever heard. His strategies are practical, well researched and easy for teachers at all grade levels to implement in their classrooms the very next day. You simply will not find a better speaker out there.”

Rob Gardner, Assistant Superintendent
Platte County R-3 School District
Platte City, Missouri

“The comments from the evaluations were outstanding. Personally, in my 41 years as an educator, I say Danny is one of the very best…something for every one: Pre-K–12th grade. He was super!”

Bernice M. Wright, Executive Director of Instruction
Lee County School District
Bishopville, South Carolina