“Danny Brassell’s reading presentation should be required viewing in every school in the country. I am a first-year teacher in a small charter school with a passion for creating third graders who love to read. Now I have the tools to make that happen!”

Barry Kaiser, Third Grade Teacher
Sonoran Science Academy
Phoenix, Arizona

“Bravo! Danny’s presentation was fantastic! The reviews/evaluations were 100% ‘wow.’ Danny delivered just what these teachers needed to hear. They left feeling validated, invigorated, and prepared with some new, fresh, successful activities and ideas. They felt they learned a lot and enjoyed the process!”

Suzanne Witmer, Education Specialist
Pinal County Education Service Agency
Florence, Arizona


“Danny Brassell intrigued our attendees at the Arkansas State Reading Conference with his candid humor, motivational message and engaging ideas to motivate students to read.  Danny’s spark ignited a fire in Arkansas that educators are still talking about!”

Julie Huskey, President
Arkansas Reading Association
Little Rock, Arkansas



“Nothing could have been better for our teachers to start the year off on a positive note. Danny engaged and motivated all of our teachers from pre-K to high school, first year to 30 year vets, with stories from the classroom and life. His energy and passion for literacy generated a standing ovation and is something our teachers still talk about.”

Robert Schwartz, Chief Academic Officer
ICEF Public Schools
Los Angeles, California

“Danny Brassell’s presentation was the perfect fit for what my elementary school staff needed to hear about differentiated instruction given our large English learner population.  His presentation was filled with practical strategies all teachers can implement immediately.  Danny’s presentation was as witty and fun as it was insightful and informative.  I highly recommend him for any training you can possibly book since his energy level is contagious!  Don’t book this if you are looking for the typically dull and humorless training.”

Edward P. Fiszer, Ed.D., Principal
NEW Academy Canoga Park
Canoga Park, California

“Dr. Danny Brassell was one of our most entertaining and engaging speakers.  Full of great information and enthusiasm…parents and teachers loved his fast paced presentation. We look forward to having Dr. Brassell back again.”


Kristina Jackson, Parent Talk Coordinator
South Bay Adult School
Redondo Beach, California


“Danny Brassell is an entertaining, engaging keynote speaker whose valuable information and high energy style received rave reviews from our conference participants.  Danny is a naturally gifted speaker who shares practical, relevant vocabulary strategies that can be easily implemented in the classroom.  On conference evaluations, he received the highest rating from our participants.  Danny will exceed your expectations for a dynamic keynote presentation!”

Lisa Neve, President

Orange County Reading Association

Orange, California


“Danny had the energy of my two year old during his presentation.  In an era where there is more negativity than positivity surrounding education, Danny remains a positive influence through not only his sheer joy of sharing books, but more importantly refocusing others on impacting the lives of students.”

Louie Mardesich, Principal

  Barton Hill Elementary School

  San Pedro, California


“Danny Brassell provided a motivating presentation full of ideas for differentiating instruction.  Our teachers were actually disappointed when his 1/2 day session was over!  We are looking forward to him returning next year.”

Sandy Schaeffer, Principal

Handy Elementary School

Orange, California


Dr. Brassell recently spoke to a large group of teachers from the Diocese of Orange. His topic was ‘Reading For All Occasions: Creating Readers For Life.’ Dr. Brassell’s presentation was practical, motivational and humorous.  His topic was so appropriate for any audience, particularly parents, educators and students.  As one of my faculty said, ‘I just wanted to pick up a book and start reading.’  I would highly recommend Dr. Brassell to anyone seeking a professional presenter on the topic of reading.”

Darlene Hembreiker, Principal

St. Irenaeus Parish School

Cypress, California


“Danny Brassell is an engaging and energetic presenter. His information and activities are research-based and applicable across all grade levels and content areas. There is never a dull moment during his workshops. Danny even had the high school coaches engaged and singing along with him during one activity on a hot, summer afternoon.”

Marilyn Brown, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Taft High School

Taft, California


“Dr. Danny Brassell was a very motivational and inspiring speaker!  His ideas were very applicable and I am excited to use some of the resources he has offered!”        

Lisa Brownlie, Youth Instructor

Central City Outreach

Los Angeles, California


“I found Danny’s training to be entertaining and informative. I particularly liked the games that he developed and, of course, the singing. Danny reinforced my belief that learning can be very effective when ‘disguised’ as fun.”

Daniel Prosek, Training Coordinator

South Bay Literacy Council

Torrance, California


“The very first time I saw Dr. Danny, he was the keynote speaker at the 50th Anniversary of California Literacy Luncheon. He had to re-create his power point presentation because his laptop had been stolen so, in a matter of hours he was ready to proceed.  His presentation was positively dynamic, I wondered…. how could he re-create something of such high caliber in such a short time, it had to come from the heart. I was touched by his energy and awestruck by his passion

for finding ways to get people to read.

We asked him to speak at our 13th Volunteer Recognition Luncheon a few months later.  Dr. Danny gave a phenomenal speech…the audience wanted more! We asked him to make an unprecedented second appearance this year.  

His heartfelt message moves the intellect and emotions to action.”

Delores Allmond, Literacy Coordinator
Beverly Hills Public Library

Beverly Hills, California


“Dr. Danny’s presentations were engaging, full of energy and fun…but most importantly they were immediately useful for the classroom teacher.”

Richard P. Pierucci, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent

Norris School District

Bakersfield, California


“Danny is a wonderful speaker. He helped me to remember that teachers are unique and special and not to give up, even during this hard time.  He also helped me to see the impact teachers have on the lives of their students.  I loved Danny’s enthusiasm, his humor, and his colorful presentation.”

Kendra Passarelli, Substitute Teacher

Capistrano Unified/Saddleback Unified/Irvine Unified School Districts

Orange County, California


“Awesome! Bravo! Captivating! Dynamic! I want to express my sincere gratitude to Danny for the excellent presentation he made to our beginning teachers. The reaction of the over 200 teachers who participated in the day has been overwhelmingly positive. ‘The best speaker I have ever heard’ is the most common remark that teachers made on the evaluations of the day.


Danny gave our teachers hope that they can make a difference. His presentation truly inspired our teachers, calling them to excellence.


On behalf of Saint Mary’s College and the 28 participating partner school districts, we are so thankful of Danny’s sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the important work we do in education.


Danny’s passion, vision and ability to communicate make an incredible difference in the lives of all he meets. He has changed hearts, minds, and definitely teaching strategies.”

Dr. Katherine Perez, Director of Teaching Leadership

Saint Mary’s College of California

Moraga, California


“Danny Brassell is an extremely, dynamic, speaker who is passionate about kids and literacy.”

Laura Numeroff, Author

“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

Los Angeles, California


“Danny Brassell is a reading motivator extraordinaire! Students and parents left his presentation so enthusiastic about reading that they are still talking about it. He is the only speaker we have ever had who received a standing ovation. Thank you Danny, for inspiring all of us to be more excited about reading and literacy.”

Edna Moore, Principal

Palm Elementary School

Hacienda Heights, California


“Dr. Danny Brassell was an amazing speaker! All of our attendees want him back next year and anyone who attended his keynote and breakouts are already implementing his ideas. Finally, we found a speaker who can provide real classroom practices to the teachers to improve reading instruction!”

Ahmet Uludag, Ph.D., Accord Institute Conference Organizer

Accord Institute for Education Research

Westminster, California


“Danny brought the enthusiasm and energy level of Tony Robbins combined with the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Benjamin Spock. His ‘how-to’ talk for parents to guide and encourage their children’s love of reading was engaging, thought-provoking and gave us all practical tools we can use. We loved it!”

Holly Bauer, Parent Board Member

St. Bede – the Venerable School

La Cañada, California


“Danny always delivers! I have seen him several times and am always amazed at his ability to be both funny and insightful about so many different topics! Danny is a slam dunk and nails it every time.”

Kurt Schwengel, Founder

Rock and Roll Kindergarten

Santa Monica, California



“I found Danny to be a very inspiring speaker and highly motivated. He is all about what I believe to be true.”

Patty Kramer, Teacher  

Stevens Elementary School                   

Sterling, Colorado


“Danny Brassell received glowing comments about his keynote address at our 2006 Conference on Inclusive Education.  He was dynamic and engaging, reminding everyone in the audience that having high expectations while teaching and learning should and can be FUN!   Here’s what some of Danny’s audience had to say: ‘wonderful; my favorite; amazing; I want him to teach my kids; one of the best speakers I have ever seen; he’s what we need to hear more often; and Danny rocks!’”  

Bronwen Buswell, Conference Coordinator

PEAK Parent Center

Colorado Springs, Colorado



“Danny Brassell is a cross between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams…If you don’t walk away from his seminar with ideas you can use tomorrow, you were unconscious during the presentation.”

Nancy Bebrin, ESL teacher

Quaker Farms School
Oxford, Connecticut



“Danny’s presentation was an unforgettable, invaluable, and rewarding experience for me as an educator and parent. It was truly a meaningful, memorable and motivational choice of learning activities and interaction with the audience. His insights into the value and importance of reading were a powerful inspiration for me. Moreover, I was impressed at Danny’s ability to capture his audience’s attention from the very beginning to the very end, and get that emotional response only really gifted inspirational speakers possess. He is a difference maker.”

Lyudmyla Ziemke, ESOL Teacher

John F. Kennedy Middle School
Riviera Beach, Florida


“Better than I ever expected. A MUST for administrators! Entertaining, reinforcing and informative!”

Michele Ozkan, ESOL Liaison

Fruitville Elementary School

Sarasota, Florida


“On September 11, 2012 I attended a training session on improving reading comprehension instruction lead by Dr. Danny Brassell for the Brevard Public School Board. It is by far the best in-service I have attended in my 12 year teaching career.   Not only did I leave the training invigorated and inspired, but I also gained strategies to improve my reading comprehension instruction through increased student engagement.” 

MandeeMarie Jones, 3rd Grade Teacher
R.L. Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts

Merritt Island, Florida


“This was my second time in one of Danny’s presentations, and I can say Danny inspired me once again! Keep doing what you are doing, Danny! He told us, ‘we do not need to touch just one child; we need to touch every one of them.’ I will tell you: Danny needs to keep touching every educator in this nation. God bless you, Danny!”

Julio Acevedo, Ed.S., Migrant Education Program/Title III Facilitator

Lake Wales Charter School System

Lake Wales, Florida


“Danny was incredible, and awe-inspiring. He gave me a renewed vigor for my love of teaching. I came away filled with excitement. After the seminar, I felt like I was a giant, and ready to conquer my not-so-excited students. I wish he could have come to my classroom, and taught a lesson. I wish I had his power point, and could deliver the same message with such power and vivaciousness. Only if I can attempt to strive to become such a powerful educator; it would be my dream.”

Susan Herod, 9th/10th Grade Intensive Reading Teacher

Haines City High School

Haines City, Florida


“I was inspired with so many ideas that I couldn’t wait to act on and share with others.  Fellow participants stopped me at school the next day to ask me my thoughts and share their own. This was by far the most engaging, energetic and inspiring seminar I’ve attended in years.   Every school district with a concern about student achievement in the United States should book Danny.  Danny is the ‘voice’ of K-12 education!”  

Kathy Alves, Intensive Reading Resource Coach, Grades 6, 7 & 8

Pasco County Schools

Wesley Chapel, Florida


“I was supposed to leave, but I just could not! Danny Brassell had me fully engaged, entertained and laughing, and I’m not even a teacher!”

Dr. Hermann Diehl, Owner

Fast Action Workshops

Coral Gables, Florida


“Danny Brassell did an amazing job in training with our staff. We had so
much fun that the time flew by. We were all disappointed when the
training ended. That is not something that you can say at the end of many
trainings. We received practical strategies. The staff who were able to
attend the training thoroughly enjoyed it and thanked us several times for
bringing Mr. Brassell to our area!

Gail Quam, Title III Coordinator

Lake Wales Charter Schools District

Lake Wales, Florida



“Danny’s motivating presentations renewed our focus as teachers and leaders in our schools.  His stirring stories were saturated with his passion and energy for reaching every child.  Following his keynote address, our teachers filled his breakout sessions and evaluations were reflective of the powerful messages he delivered.  Teachers are already requesting to hear him again!”

Penny Thornton, Professional Learning Specialist

Muscogee Co. School District

Columbus, Georgia


“Danny’s presentation was fabulous!  I came in expecting the same old hum-drum-sit-on-your-seat-and-take-notes sort of thing, but I got way more than that!  Danny’s fast-paced presentation wasted no time in fluff, but rather every second was filled with either modeling an idea or giving classroom ready ideas that I could take back to school the next day.  Both his keynote and breakout sessions impressed me greatly!  I look forward to a repeat performance of his ‘Edutainment’ soon!”

Kimberly DeRose, Title I Literacy/6th, 7th & 8th Grades

Little Mill Middle School

Cumming, Georgia


“Danny’s presentation is contagious. His enthusiasm and energy have you engaged from the moment he says ‘hello.’ Danny’s information and activities are things that you can immediately take and use with your students. Danny had around 100 teachers engaged and singing along with him during one activity on a hot, summer afternoon at the end of a two-day workshop.”

Pat Million, Special Education Teacher

Eastbrook Middle School

Dalton, Georgia


“Refreshing and entertaining. Dr. Brassell has the gift of motivating and inspiring those who teach brilliant minds.”

Rosa Patterson, School Improvement Specialist
Eddy Middle School
Columbus, Georgia


“I really enjoyed Danny’s presentation Bringing Joy Back into the Classroom. This presentation was very entertaining, and I left with the motivation of wanting to do more with my students.  It also made me realize to make learning more fun so that joy can be brought back into the classroom like our early years of school.”

Denise Allen, Special Education Inclusion Teacher

Baker County K-12 School

Newton, Georgia



“Dr. Brassell was highly engaging and had such a positive impact on me and my group of five teachers. I was fortunate to attend two of his sessions and came away with so many terrific ideas that I had to incorporate them into my opening day teacher’s institutes.  I absolutely recommend Dr. Danny Brassell to anyone fortunate to hear him speak.” 

Dave Deets, Principal

Ellis Elementary School

Belleville, Illinois


“’Look!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane.  No, it’s Super Dan!’  If you want to dazzle your staff with Danny’s amazing ability to engage an audience and provide the information they need to understand the process of reading, deliver tried and true instruction in their classrooms, and experience first hand the power of motivation in learning, then don’t hesitate to call on Danny Brassell.  Danny has worked with our staffs on several occasions this year and we have been very pleased with his work.”

Janice DiVincenzo, PreK-12 Literacy Coordinator

Waukegan Public Schools

Waukegan, Illinois


“Dr. Danny was an inspiration to our teachers.  He tailored his presentation to meet our needs and made the day exciting and very informational.  We hope to have him back very soon!”

Brian Carr, Principal

Hyde Park Elementary School

Waukegan, Illinois


“Danny Brassell’s unique blend of wit and wisdom was the perfect way to begin our new school year!  His ability to strike the perfect balance between having us look at ourselves in a lighthearted, humorous manner, while validating our professionalism and the important work we do for children, is a true gift!  Danny is now part of our Fox Lake family, and we’ll definitely have him back next year!”

John P. Donnellan, Superintendent
Fox Lake Grade School District 114
Fox Lake, Illinois


“Entertaining, inspiring, and motivating are the words I’d use to describe Danny Brassell.  Danny reminded me that learning should be fun.  He’s a high-energy speaker, so hold on to your books; it will be a bumpy ride!”

Joni Wood, 4th grade teacher

Wolf Ridge Education Center

Bunker Hill, Illinois


“I enjoyed Danny Brassell’s presentation on vocabulary at the IRC conference in Springfield. He is funny, inspiring and gave me a lot of ideas to try in my classroom after Spring Break. Thanks, Dr. Brassell!”

Conny Melvin, high school teacher

Pavilion Foundation School

Champaign, Illinois


“Danny Brassell is an energetic, dynamic speaker who will motivate you with ideas that you can immediately implement following his presentation. His fast paced, knowledge-filled, entertaining delivery will leave you wanting to hear more. I have seen him twice this year and would go see him again.”

Barb Malinger, literacy teacher/coach

Perry Elementary, Community Unit School District 300

Carpentersville, Illinois


“Diminishes a teacher’s

Anxiety while


Your responsibility as an educator!




Antic dotes

Serving our country’s

Students with
Experienced educators who value and

Love to create

Lifelong learners!


Danny’s unique techniques will reenergize teachers at any point of their educational career. Learn how to increase attendance and introduce a love of reading in your students with the “Book Fairy” and “Guest Readers.” His realistic and easily implemented expertise of reaching students will assist you in creating a classroom of continued controlled chaos that keeps them coming back for more!”

Glenna Curtis, First Grade Teacher

New Baden Elementary School

New Baden, Illinois


Danny Brassell’s presentation was certainly energetic and informative, but what set it apart was the concrete suggestions that can be applied right away in any teachers classroom.  There are enough ideas provided that each teacher can pick and choose which strategies will work for his/her unique students and teaching style.”

Maria Herman, Reading Interventionist

Meadowview School

Woodridge, Illinois


“I attended Danny’s presentation on non-fiction literature. He gave us tons of book ideas and many authors to watch for. I teach kindergarten. My classroom was lacking in non-fiction. Thanks to Danny, I can pick out books that my kids will love and help me to meet common core standards.”

Laura Crain, Kindergarten Teacher

Selmaville Grade School

Selmaville, Illinois


“It’s been over a year since I heard Danny speak at our district and I still think about it!  I carry his kind and humorous words with me and his ‘Baker’s Dozen’ is a must for any teacher.  Thanks Danny!”

Nestor Hernandez, High School Teacher
JS Morton High School
Cicero, Illinois


“Danny Brassell reminded me to be the awesome teacher I am meant to be by loving what I do and having fun doing it. His simple strategies and straight talk refueled the passion I needed to continue to make students’ learning a priority!”

Diana Rea, Director of Instructional Services
DuQuoin Community Unit School District #300
DuQuoin, Illinois



“Danny Brassell recently presented a keynote address and two breakout
sessions at the 2012 Iowa Reading Association state-wide conference.
His presentations were outstanding, and nearly all of the attendees
who completed a conference evaluation form noted that Danny was the
highlight of the conference!  His expertise, humor, warmth, and
friendliness was appreciated by the entire conference staff and those
in attendance.  I would not hesitate to bring Danny back to present at
future Iowa Reading Association conferences!”

Anthony Pieper, President
Iowa Reading Association

Ames, Iowa



“Dr. Danny Brassell was brought in to provide our opening keynote and several break out sessions for our annual K-12 reading conference.  Dr. Brassell far exceeded our expectations!  He was motivating and entertaining while at the same time sharing an encouraging, positive message related to the importance of literacy as a life-long skill.  Anyone listening to Dr. Brassell will come away feeling uplifted and re-energized!”

Belinda Miller, Senior Admin. Assistant/Events Coordinator
Southwest Plains Regional Service Center

Sublette, Kansas



“Our entire staff keeps raving about Danny’s presentation!  It was dynamic, energizing, and very relevant to our school’s needs.  Teachers keep telling me that it was the best professional development they have ever attended!”

Melissa Testut, Curriculum & Training Director

4th Street Elementary School

Newport, Kentucky


“Danny was hired to provide our teachers with ways to differentiate instruction to reach all students including our growing ESL population.  He did that and MORE!  His presentations were energetic, interactive, and entertaining.  Teachers came away with literally hundreds of ideas on how to reach students.  He specifically focused on reading and writing with my staff.  I can’t imagine anyone more qualified to work with teachers in these areas.”

Derek Shouse, Principal

Saffell Street Elementary School

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky



“Danny Brassell is a catalyst that inspires you to remember why we chose our teaching profession. His presentations are upbeat, entertaining, engaging, and focused on reading strategies that teachers can apply immediately. Danny has presented in our district on several occasions, and the teachers and principals beg to have him back.”

Jeanne Madere, Elementary English Language Arts Consultant
Jefferson Parish Public School System
Harvey, Louisiana


“I left feeling motivated, energized and renewed!  Danny’s practical passion is infectious and something that ALL educators must experience!  I am confident that I can make a difference in the lives of the students I teach.  Thanks, Danny!”

Melissa Baker, Title I Lead Extension Teacher

Bridge City Elementary School

Bridge City, Louisiana


“Maybe it’s because of natural disasters, our economy, or our political landscape, but excuses aside, negative attitudes can often penetrate our schools and classrooms, preventing young learners to succeed.  Danny Brassell was a breath of fresh air who reminded our school district that children feed off of positive energy and so do teachers. He got the grumpiest teacher to smile and act silly.  Thank you!”

Kara Tanenbaum, Special Education Teacher

Chalmette Elementary School

Chalmette, Louisiana



“Danny’s presentation was outstanding!  I had a blast!” 

H. Earl Gaskins, Principal
Ring Factory Elementary School

Bel Air, Maryland


“Absolutely Inspiring! Danny’s presentation was informative, fast-paced, humorous and extremely motivating. He demonstrated strategies along with books to motivate struggling and reluctant readers to read.  Danny is an energetic and dynamic speaker sharing highly useful as well as practical ideas to use in the classroom or at home.  I left the session invigorated and ready to share a passion for reading.”

Sandy Watt, 2008 Conference Chair

State of Maryland International Reading Association Council

Annapolis, Maryland


“Danny’s enthusiasm was contagious and his personal experiences made the presentation informative and relevant. Some people may find it daunting to energize and motivate a large group of administrators after completing statewide testing, but Danny ‘knocked our socks off.’ We were ready for any challenge after listening to his inspiring presentation.”

Robert L. Wagner, President

Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals

Ocean City, Maryland


“Danny Brassell’s presentations at our state reading conference were both enlightening and fun. His lighthearted style was a treat to listen to and the information shared was both worthwhile and thought-provoking. Everyone came away with positive attitudes, motivation and knowledge they knew they would be using to improve their teaching. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker for any literacy workshop or conference.”

Cathy Bowden, Mentor Teacher
Harford County Public Schools

Joppa, Maryland



“Danny was BY FAR the most energetic and dynamic speaker I have ever heard. The content was a wonderful affirmation for me. It was so nice to hear validation and a positive attitude. Well-organized, smooth-running and motivating day!”

Sue Mutti, Teacher

Robinson Park Elementary School          

Agawan, Massachusetts



“Danny Brassell challenges even the most tenured teacher to take on the role of changing their behavior in the classroom.  He gives participants a multitude of wonderful information to take back and use with students the very next day, which is precisely what adult learners want to do following an in-service presentation.  I would unhesitatingly recommend Danny to any group that wants to learn new and exciting teaching strategies to use with the youngsters coming under their care.”

Hannah Worley, Ed.D., Training Facilitator  

Macomb Intermediate School District

Clinton Township, Michigan



“We were honored to have a speaker with Danny’s energy and common sense approach to reading speak to our district staff this year.  Forget all the fancy programs; Danny keeps it simple:  kids need to read, read, read.  He kept the audience engaged and interacted easily with his audience.  I can’t wait to hear him again.”

Brenda Svendsen, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Winona Middle School

Winona, Minnesota



 “Danny is worth his ‘wit’ in gold! His excitement about teaching is contagious. He gives practical and easy-to-implement strategies in a fun and dynamic way. He draws you in from the beginning and keeps you engaged to the end, leaving you wanting more. I can’t wait to get in my classroom this Fall and instill in my students a love of reading. By far, Danny’s presentation was one of the most relevant, engaging and inspiring I have attended. I hope I can be the inspiration to my students that Danny is to his.”

Nikki Pulse, Special Education Teacher
Southaven, Mississippi



Dr. Danny Brassell is one of the most energetic speakers I have ever heard.  His strategies are practical, well researched and easy for teachers at all grade levels to implement in their classrooms the very next day.  You simply will not find a better speaker out there.”

Rob Gardner, Assistant Superintendent

Platte County R-3 School District

Platte City, Missouri



“Danny really helped refresh my outlook in teaching.  As a first-year teacher, there have been many frustrating moments and struggles I have faced.  He helped create many positive ‘a-ha’ moments for me and rekindled my love for teaching. Thank you, Danny, for pointing out what’s important (making learning fun) and guiding me in the right direction!”

Nicole Wagner, Teacher

Cardinal Elementary School

South Sioux City, Nebraska


“Danny’s presentation was tremendous!  Anyone who can keep such a diverse group of teachers totally engaged all day is a miracle worker – and he did just that…K-12, all areas!  I was lucky enough to get to hear him present at the International Reading Convention in Florida, so I feel especially lucky to have had the chance to hear you again in small-town Homer! ALL of the teachers (K-12) went away with ideas they could use in their classrooms.”

Rose Brewer, Special Education Teacher and Coordinator
Homer Community School
Homer, Nebraska


“Best in-service I’ve been to…ever!”

Darcy Linn, Head Start Teacher

Franklin Elementary School

Omaha, Nebraska



“Danny’s session was A BLAST!”

Melissa Olsen, Instructional Coach

Sun Valley Elementary School           

Sun Valley, Nevada


“Danny was a breath of fresh air for our staff.  If your staff is overwhelmed and in need of some fresh ideas for differentiation, then Danny can deliver.  He fills their spirit and provides them with renewed enthusiasm for their job.  I would highly recommend his staff development day for any staff.  Our staff responses were all positive and they would love to hear him again and again.”

Katie Decker, Principal

Walter Bracken Elementary School

Las Vegas, Nevada


New Mexico

“Danny Brassell was a breath of fresh air for Roswell, New Mexico!  He put the twinkle back into our eye, the hope back into our hearts, and the smile back on our faces.  He also gave us practical ideas for strategies that we can use right away to help our students be all they can be.  We can’t wait until he comes back!”

Muriel DeGanahl, Director of Instruction

Roswell Independent School District

Roswell, New Mexico


New York

“As my friends and I listened to our presenter (at a literacy conference in Brooklyn), we heard bursts of applause and laughter in the room next door.  Curious (and somewhat bored)… we decided that we didn’t care what Dr. Brassell was talking about, we were going to the ‘fun room’ after lunch.  We were all so glad that we did!  Dr. Brassell’s 75-minute session was the most entertaining and motivating presentation that we attended at the conference.  He kept us engaged and laughing. We left his presentation motivated and intrigued (hopefully, that feeling will last until September when we go back to work!)…we appreciated his ideas and obvious dedication to what he does.”

Karin Meyer, Learning Specialist

Coram Elementary School

Long Island, New York


“The Nassau Reading Council welcomed Danny Brassell on February 25th, during a blizzard! Over 100 members braved the snow to hear Danny.  They were not disappointed! The fact that no one left early is a testimony to the quality, timeliness and usefulness of the presentation.  We are still receiving calls from those who were not able to make it asking if Danny would be speaking again!”

Kathleen M. Conway-Gervais, President

Nassau Reading Council
Rockville Centre, New York


“…more than a workshop, more than a presentation – an educational event! Danny’s energy and enthusiasm are awe inspiring, and if you’re not inspired by what he has to say, you are in the wrong profession. Kids are first and foremost on his agenda and his ideas are powerful – a must see for all staff!
Singing, dancing, and laughing – we can’t be talking about school, or can we? With Danny Brassell at the helm, absolutely! I have rarely been to a more engaging professional development opportunity where I could actually bring back useful ideas to help my struggling and reluctant readers. A ‘must see’ if he is in your area!”

Jack Costello, Senior Literacy/ELA Staff Development Specialist
Questar III BOCES Office of School Improvement
Castleton, New York


“Thank you so much for your inspirational keynote, Danny. It was exactly what we all needed, and the feedback from the group of K-12 beginning teachers
and mentors was phenomenal. Not only did they learn a lot, but they had
an opportunity to connect with one another, which is something we often
forget to do.  I also want to thank you for your individual
conversations with and your interest in each of our attendees. You made
each of them feel appreciated and important.”

Judi Fenton, Mentoring
Office of Leadership, NYC Dept of Education

New York, New York


“Danny Brassell is an excellent speaker who makes you sit up and take notice during his presentation! You become as engaged and interested as you wish your students would be during your own lesson presentations.”

Marie Bivona, ESL teacher

Queens Metropolitan High School

New York, New York


North Carolina

“As a teacher I can honestly say this was the most uplifting and beneficial workshop I have been to in a long time.  Danny does not wear blinders and truly knows what educators deal with everyday.  This sounds silly but honestly I did not even want to get up and go to the bathroom because I did not want to miss anything that was being said.”

Melissa Plummer, 4th Grade Teacher
Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts

Monroe, North Carolina


North Dakota

“Too often leaders are subjected to mundane presentations filled
with bland and/or impertinent information. Danny has the unique ability to
inspire while providing a lot of highly valuable information. I cannot wait
to share his strategies with my staff.”

Stacy Murschel, Principal
Beulah Middle School
Beulah, North Dakota


“As an aspiring administrator, Danny re-motivated me towards my future goal of helping make a difference in young people.”

Ryan Larson, 4th Grade Teacher/Assistant Principal

Will-Moore Elementary
Bismarck, North Dakota



“Danny Brassell has the unique ability to motivate and inspire while still delivering a meaningful educational message. He received rave reviews from our entire staff.”

Dr. Wayne Babcanec, Superintendent

Norwalk City Schools

Norwalk, Ohio


“There are no tangible means to measure the effect of Dr. Brassell’s presentation.  The engagement during his talk and the positive comments and actions that were shared upon conclusion will long impact our teaching staff.  The ‘buzz’ about the auditorium was positive, refreshing, and energetic. Dr. Brassell not only entertained and excited the staff of Norwalk City Schools, he reaffirmed our learning, why we do what we do, and the importance of literacy for all students.”

Sue Goodsite, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Norwalk City Schools

Norwalk, Ohio


“The Elyria City Schools brought Danny to the district to speak to the teaching staff about his book A Baker’s Dozen of Lessons Learned from the Teaching Trenches, differentiated instruction and literacy strategies.  So that teachers would be familiar with Danny we used A Bakers Dozen… in book studies throughout the school district prior to his presentation. After his presentation, teachers were lined up to have him autograph his book.”

Mark R. Sutter, Ph.D., Director of Academic Services

Elyria City Schools

Elyria, Ohio


“Danny’s energy and enthusiasm is simply contagious!  It was just the encouragement I needed to refocus my energies for what I do each and every day.”

Annette J. Tooman, Principal
Leawood Elementary School
Columbus, Ohio


“Danny Brassell addressed our full certificated staff K–12 at a professional development meeting.  Danny made each and every one of us laugh, think and, most importantly, each person came away with practical and dynamic strategies to improve instruction in each classroom setting.  What a positive experience and I recommend Danny without reservation.”

Jeffrey W. Weaver, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools
Upper Arlington City Schools
Upper Arlington, Ohio


“Thanks, Danny, for your enthusiastic presentation!  It’s two weeks since you’ve been here and people are still talking about what they’ve learned and how they’re changing their classrooms.”

Debora Binkley, Ph.D., Associate Superintendent
Upper Arlington City Schools
Upper Arlington, Ohio


“Danny Brassell delivers an excellent presentation that motivates educators of all teaching experiences. His delivery is action-packed and focuses on positive management and student achievement. He re-charges your soul and causes you to remember the importance of your role is in the educational system.”

Jill Biteman, Teacher

Wright Brothers Pre-K – 8 School

Dayton, Ohio



“Danny Brassell was FANTASTIC!!  Our school in-service was the best one
every.  Awesome.  Our morale was down in the dumps from the administration
to every school in our district.   Danny made me feel important again and
reminded me that we all do make a difference each and every day, and most of
all the kids need us.

I felt motivated, renewed, energized and – most of all – refreshed.  Danny’s
message about how important we are was so powerful and real.   I have
forgotten what that feels like and I think our administration has forgotten
that too.   Danny gave me the hope, faith and love that I have for my
teaching job back.   Danny’s passion is what we all should have everyday of
our lives. What enthusiasm what motivation Danny has.   He is a must see.
Love him. All I can say is WOW!”

Lori Shannon

ELL Teacher

Guymon, Oklahoma



“In this era of unrealistic national goals, standardized test-driven curricula and staff and budget cutbacks, Danny Brassell combines real-life experiences, humor and effective strategies to show how to have fun and still meet instructional goals. Based on the hierarchy of needs and self-actualization, Danny helps educators remember what makes them happy, how to stay positive and why they make a difference for students.”

Edward J. Albert, Ed.D., Superintendent and National Consultant

Tulpehocken Area School District

Bethel, Pennsylvania


“This was by far the best seminar I’ve attended in years! It was jam-packed with fun ideas to inspire the love of reading in children of all ages. Danny is a very motivated, enthusiastic, and charged speaker.”

Jeanne Gustitus, First Grade Teacher

St. Leo School

Ridgway, Pennsylvania


South Carolina

“The comments from the evaluations were outstanding. Personally, in my 41 years as an educator, I say Danny is one of the very best…something for every one: Pre-K–12th grade. He was super!”

Bernice M. Wright, Executive Director of Instruction

Lee County School District

Bishopville, South Carolina


“It is difficult to find a keynote speaker that can motivate, inspire and entertain teachers of all grade levels, K-12. Danny Brassell was very successful accomplishing this task and kicking off the school year for our district. The standing ovation and roaring round of applause was evidence of his outstanding presentation and his inspiring message to teachers. Still hearing such outstanding remarks such as ‘this was the best speaker and opening assembly we have ever had.’”

Jane Harrison, Director of Elementary Education

Anderson School District One

Williamston, South Carolina


“During a time when budgets are being cut and teachers are being asked to do more with less, Dr. Danny Brassell brought a message that reminded us of why we are educators. He inspired us through his interactive and humorous presentation. He is a model of the enthusiasm that we should demonstrate in the classrooms.”

Dr. Wayne Fowler, Superintendent

Anderson School District One

Piedmont, South Carolina


“It was a great presentation. Our school is going to incorporate several of his ideas into mini-lessons for our teachers, so that they may use the strategies in their classrooms.”

Pamela Frady, teacher

Palmetto Middle School

Anderson, South Carolina


“He was absolutely fantastic. Entertaining, great information and a day well spent! The time flew by, and I was wanting more!”

Billie Wiles, teacher

Roebuck Elementary School

Roebuck, South Carolina


“Dr. Brassell is a gifted speaker and educator. His ideas were refreshing and motivating. I would highly recommend him to others. His enthusiasm is contagious!”

Debra Y. Madden, teacher

Flat Rock Elementary School

Anderson, South Carolina


“This presentation was motivating and validating for all teachers of ALL students. We immediately contacted our district office to see if we could have him come to our Summer Institute. We need to have all of our teachers hear his message. They heard our cries and booked him for June! Thanks for always bringing such top-notch speakers to our area.”

Jeana Black, teacher

Northside Elementary School

Walterboro, South Carolina


“Danny Brassell was absolutely wonderful! He kept us laughing while giving us pertinent information! I could have listened to him all day. We immediately returned to our school and formulated a plan to share the information with the rest of the faculty! Thank you for such outstanding staff development.”

Lisa Cassidy, teacher

Palmetto Middle School

Anderson, South Carolina


“Danny was highly recommended as a speaker for our Upstate Schools Consortium by our district members.   Within the first few minutes of his seminar, I knew why. Danny was not only high energy, funny, and motivating, he also provided over 400 teachers and administrators specific ways they could differentiate instruction in their classrooms.  The feedback we received from Danny’s presentation was excellent!  I would strongly recommend Danny for your school or school district!”

Connie McDowell, Ph.D., Upstate Schools Consortium Coordinator

Furman University

Greenville, South Carolina


“Danny Brassell grabbed my attention as soon as he stepped onto the stage! Fast-paced, energetic, and entertaining, his presentation evoked equal amounts of laughter and thoughtful realizations. His ability to connect with the audience so completely AND catch us off guard repeatedly kept us on the edge of our seats. He is, hands down, the best speaker I’ve heard in many years! Every school district should book him! Pure brilliance!”

Dr. Miriam S. Johnson, Nationally Board Certified English Teacher
Seneca High School
Seneca, South Carolina


“Danny Brassell is a high energy and extremely motivational speaker. All of the teachers who attended Danny’s session loved his practical strategies, his heart for students and teachers, and his vibrant sense of humor. If you want a speaker who will motivate and energize all of your teachers, Danny is the man!”

Kim Jedlicka, Director of Federal Programs and Professional Development
School District of Oconee
Walhalla, South Carolina


“Danny Brassell is an outstanding presenter. He captured the attention of all our teachers from kindergarten to high school as he shared strategies to differentiate instruction. On their evaluations teachers thanked us for hosting this workshop and told us it was the best in-service activity they had attended. Danny set the tone for a fun, energetic, student-centered academic year.  We can’t wait for him to come back to Union.”

Cindy Langley, Director of Secondary Education

Union County School District

Union, South Carolina


South Dakota

“After hearing Danny’s passionate words and ideas for motivating readers of all abilities, I wanted to run from the speaking venue and round up all the children I could to start implementing his ideas!  It would have been that easy as his ideas are readily-implemented, practical, and contagious!  I can’t recall any other speaker who has held my attention for the entirety of a conference session!”

Kristi Desaulniers, 4th grade teacher

Tea Area Intermediate School

Tea, South Dakota 



“Danny Brassell’s district-wide keynote address had everyone engaged and
wanting more.  Teachers from pre-K to Calculus were able to gain insight
and strategies they could implement immediately in their classrooms.  His
enthusiasm and real-world connections made our professional development
day meaningful to everyone.”

Christy D. Smith, Supervisor of Instruction
Hardeman County Schools

Bolivar, Tennessee


“Danny’s presentation was informative, invigorating, and time well-spent. Differentiated Instruction can be an arduous task, but if implemented utilizing Danny’s humorous strategies, the task no longer seems daunting. Danny, please visit as many schools as possible because you are truly an inspiration.”

Jo Ann Jones, 4th Grade Teacher

Park Avenue Enhanced Option School

Nashville, Tennessee
“Even though I’ve just completed my twelfth year teaching, and have attended numerous professional development training throughout the years, this was by far one of the most motivational, inspirational, and attention grabbing ones that I’ve attended. Danny makes sure that there is never a dull moment throughout his presentation. As entertaining as it was, Danny still managed to provide hundreds of practical, everyday tips for teachers. He brought the humor back into education, not just for the kids, but for the teachers also.”

Angela D. Simpson, Consulting Teacher

Park Avenue Enhanced Option School

Nashville, Tennessee


“Here’s a cheer for Danny: Two – four – six – eight, Who’s ideas will you appreciate? Danny’s…Danny’s…Danny’s! One – three – seven – nine, Who will learn the entire time? You will…you will…you will!

Danny’s presentation will make you stand up and cheer! You will learn wonderfully awesome strategies, techniques, and ideas that will make you and your kids winners in the classroom!”

Dr. Andre Crafford, Instructional Specialist-Elementary Education
Shelby County Schools, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Memphis, Tennessee
“Hearing Danny Speak at the TNTESOL Conference was a ‘teacher’ moment for me! I was excited about returning to my ESL students and putting many of his
amazing techniques and ideas into action.  I also couldn’t wait to discuss
his techniques with supervisors and teachers alike.  Danny ‘gets it’ when
knowing how to logically go about helping a child learn to want and love to
read.  His ideas are not ‘fly by night,’ they are inspiring and will truly
stand the test of time.”

Sharon Lee, Assistant Principal/ESL Teacher

Gibson County Special School District-Dyer School

Dyer, Tennessee


“Sometimes teachers get lost in the hustle and bustle of teaching the standards and lose sight in doing fun things with the students. Danny taught me ways that I could teach and have fun at the same time. He brought a new meaning to how I teach reading. I would suggest ANY TEACHER at any age to attend his presentation.”

Ashley Anderson, First Grade Teacher

Guild Elementary School

Gallatin, Tennessee


“Dr. Brassell is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. I had the pleasure of attending his presentations at the Tennessee Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference this year. When you hear him speak, you are bombarded by ideas to enhance your teaching. He cuts right to the heart of the matter of how to reach students and get them to learn while enjoying themselves. I have already used several of his ideas in my own English classes at Vanderbilt University. Bravo Dr. Brassell!”

Michael Jumonville, Language Teaching Specialist
Vanderbilt University – English Language Center
Nashville, Tennessee


“I was actually back (in the hotel where Danny spoke)…and couldn’t help smiling every time I passed by the ballroom (of his keynote). Clearly, Danny made a powerful, positive impact on our merry band of educators.”

Dan Schlafer, 2010 President

Tennessee School Boards Association

Nashville, Tennessee


“Danny Brassell teaches us like we should be teaching our students. He combines practical and effective teaching strategies with pure, unadulterated fun! In one hour, I had learned a whole day’s worth of ideas, and it only felt like 5 minutes. I would recommend Danny to anyone, regardless of the grade level or school. He’s a real treat!”

Kelly Epperson, ESL Teacher

Unicoi County Schools

Erwin, Tennessee


“Danny’s style and content speaks to English Learner (EL) and regular education teachers alike. He offered practical strategies in an engaging style that kept teachers involved and learning.”

Jacque Scarbrough, EL/Accountability Coordinator

Sumner County Schools

Gallatin, Tennessee


“Wonderful, outstanding and wacky…Danny Brassell is the first speaker that I have witnessed who can take what feels like a deck of cards that is stacked against you and reshuffles it in a way that motivates, relates and connects not just what but why and how to teach our diversified and challenging ELL population.”

Elizabeth Harris, ELL Teacher
Washington County Schools

Jonesborough, Tennessee



“I can’t thank Danny enough for providing the great opportunity of listening, participating and receiving such great information (too funny). What an inspiration and a breath of fresh air he is. He left us wanting more! Dr. Brassell reaffirmed that the basic foundation is what is lacking in many of today’s classrooms/homes. When we talk about the ‘bubble kids’ and how we lose them along the way, it is us that have allowed it to happen. I believe that when people choose to become teachers, they have committed themselves to be the executor of each student’s education. I often tell parents that our responsibility is to guide and make decisions that will benefit our children not to please our own personal agenda.”

Rosalva Garza Larrasquitu, Parental Involvement Coordinator
Brownsville Independent School District

Brownsville, Texas

“Danny Brassell is one of the best presenters we have ever had in our district.  He is energetic and kept our elementary teachers engaged all day long.  One of my veteran teachers who is nearing retirement said that she ‘could listen to Danny Brassell all day long.  Too bad he couldn’t come back the next day.’  The teachers who thought they had heard and seen it all raved about Danny and his excitement and useful resources and strategies for teachers.  They want him back next year, which I think says more than any other testimonial.”

Mary Ellen Conner, Director of Instruction

Dayton Independent School District

Dayton, Texas



R=right on target





L=lively with

L=limitless ideas”

Janis Gaul, Program Director for Elementary Language Arts

Galena Park Independent School District

Houston, Texas 


“I had so much fun I didn’t realize how much I was learning.  I was motivated, energized, humbled, and educated – sometimes within the space of a deep breath. Danny reinforces all of the positive reasons we choose to teach.  After experiencing one of his presentations, I know in my heart that teaching is for me.  I will make a difference in the lives of my students.  Danny has probably forgotten more about teaching than I will ever know, but he makes me feel I am his peer. Bringing Danny into your neck of the woods will positively impact you and your team.  What you take away will impact the lives of your students for years to come.”

John Overturf, 5th & 6th Grade Math Teacher

Rayford Intermediate School

Aldine, Texas


“If you are a new educator please read this! You may want to stay in the profession more than 5 years after reading some of Dr. Brassell’s books or hearing him speak.”

Cynthia Tassos Phillips, former Vice-Chair

Texas State Board for Educator Certification

Austin, Texas



“At UCIRA’s annual conference, Danny helped to bring enthusiasm and joy back to the profession! ‘I can’t’ and ‘I am too tired’ are no longer a part of our conversations; instead, we find ourselves looking at possibilities for motivating readers, building our classroom libraries, and finding ways to improve our students’ vocabulary & comprehension. Danny’s ‘can do attitude’ is definitely contagious! Instead of giving up, I even found myself looking at his ‘Lazy Readers’ website to find books that my teenage daughter might want to read.  Thank you Danny for giving us back the spark in teaching! Utah’s teachers, reading specialists and our children thank you as well!”

Gerri Hixenbaugh, President

Utah Council of the International Reading Association

Salt Lake City, Utah



“Danny Brassell is a gifted presenter who has a true passion for sharing his toolkit of best practice strategies with teachers and administrators.  Each time I attend one of his sessions, I laugh, learn, reflect, and then share key points with other colleagues. Danny’s sessions are much like good movies – the ones that take viewers through a wide range of emotions – as the stories and anecdotes he shares connect so well with your own memories of teaching and learning.

Susie Orr, Educational Specialist, Elementary School Social Studies
Fairfax County Public Schools
Annandale, Virginia


West Virginia

“Danny Brassell is of the best motivational speakers for teachers and administrators ever! We left feeling energized and ready for the school year!”

Carol Humphrey, Federal Programs Assistant Director
Raleigh County Schools

Beckley, West Virginia



“Dr. Danny Brassell is the kind of motivational speaker whose high energy, enthusiasm, and can-do spirit empowers teachers in ways to best serve English language learners and meet the needs of Every Child a Graduate by showing them how to effectively and affectively help students to develop both language acquisition and success in the content areas.”

Mariah Adnane, CESA 7 Title III and ELL Coordinator

Cooperative Educational Service Agency #7

Green Bay, Wisconsin




“Danny Brassell was an excellent kick-off speaker for our ‘Celebrating the Challenges’ Conference. His presentation was fast-paced, motivating, inspiring and filled with excellent content. Teachers (pre-K to high school) found themselves laughing, singing and learning about key principles of differentiation in a fun and engaging way. Not only did Danny teach about differentiation – he modeled it!”

Susan Parkins, 2010 Conference Chair

Special Education Council Alberta Teachers’ Association
Kananaskis, Alberta


“I was so inspired and motivated after listening and interacting with Danny I wanted to drive back to my school and take over for my substitute to implement his ideas right away!”

Joel Cochrane – Fourth Grade Teacher

Grandview Elementary School

Red Deer, Alberta


“At Danny’s session my colleagues and I came away with valuable, easy to use ideas that we implemented immediately and have been using in our Grade 3 classrooms since. He kept us laughing the entire time and helped us to remember that the joy of reading can be easily instilled into your classroom. His sessions were truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to literacy. We left feeling rejuvenated, not overwhelmed.”

Carla Metz, Third Grade Teacher

Almadina Language Charter Academy

Calgary, Alberta


“Danny is personable and friendly, and greets as many session attendees as possible before the session begins. During his presentations, he includes attendees as participants, allowing for the strategies he is demonstrating to stick with you far longer. His sessions are full of immediately usable ideas, and besides that, they are energetic and fun. If I had children, I would certainly want them to have a teacher who teaches the way Danny does!”

Dayna Hammel, Teacher and Vice-Principal

Southside Christian School

Red Deer, Alberta


“I teach in a Francophone High School, but we can always use Danny’s material (even though it’s in English). Danny is a true inspiration for us all. Today, in the middle of my grade 7 FLA class, we stood up and stretched and sang before continuing our class. It’s great to see the immediate effect on the kids and their attention. I want to thank Danny for all of his practical ideas!”

Chantal Desgagne, 7th grade Teacher

Les Conseils Scolaires du Sud de l’Alberta

Calgary, Alberta


“Danny’s presentation was inspirational. It reminded me of why I love teaching reading and got me fired up to use these strategies. Danny’s creativity helped me to rediscover the creativity I love to bring to teaching.”

Ryan Lemphers, 6th Grade Teacher

Foothills School Division, Blackie School
Blackie, Alberta


“Danny Brassell’s presentation provided powerful incentives to reassess our approach to reading and classroom management.  His suggestions were inspiring and reflected his love of promoting reading in a positive and uplifting way.”

Mark Seiler, 6th Grade Teacher

St. Patrick’s School

Maple Ridge, British Columbia


“Danny’s message is unique in that it touches the hearts and minds of teachers, administrators and parents of students of all ages. He is one of the most outstanding speakers I have ever seen.”

Mark Bedford, Grade 5/6 Teacher

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy

Calgary, Alberta



“What a treat to be interviewed by Danny Brassell on his show, People Make a Difference! Danny is an experienced interviewer and polished speaker, but most importantly his heart shines though in his work. His genuine efforts to make a positive difference in people’s lives is obvious. Danny is a class act, and I enthusiastically recommend his work – and his show!”

Pamela Haack, Founder and Host

The Italy Retreat for Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Perugia, Italy


New Zealand

“What a great pleasure it was to appear on People Make a Difference. I cannot thank Danny enough for the opportunity and honour to be a part of the show. Danny is a purely awesome unstoppable positive force of nature! We need more people like him in the world and it makes me smile knowing that there are so many teachers and children who get to learn from him.”

Wayne Logue, Author/Illustrator/Founder


Auckland, New Zealand



“It’s great to see our employees unified in a common goal. Their desire to achieve personal growth helps create a stronger commitment to our company.
Danny aspires to bring the best out of an individual by using his charismatic enthusiasm, humor, and motivational skills. It was evident that our employees walked away inspired and were eager for more Danny.”

Daniela Sabo, Human Resources Coordinator

AEG – STAPLES Center and NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE

Los Angeles, California


“Danny is an amazing presenter! His take and approach to creating a positive learning environment is applicable to all youth development organizations. He truly motivated my staff to make a difference in the lives of the young people we service.”

Erikk Aldridge, Executive Director

Venice Boys & Girls Club

Venice, California


“I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Brassell speak several times about helping the young and not so young become more interested in reading. His talks are motivating, inspiring, and humorous; Somehow Dr. Brassell has been able to touch a soft spot in everyone’s heart.


I recently had the wonderful experience of hearing Dr. Brassell speak before a crowd of Beverly Hills business leaders and he was not only able to hit his target message but he was successful in bringing back the child in all of us.


I couldn’t wait to get on his web site and find out what he was saying about his ten book recommendations and I couldn’t wait to open one of the chapters and escape for a moment in time.


It is truly a pleasure to recommend Dr. Danny Brassell for one of your meetings. I can guarantee he will have you opening your next novel and seeing it with a new perspective and a renewed spirit of wonder.”

Bryan Monfort, Vice President of Operations

Lawry’s Restaurants Inc.

Beverly Hills, California


“Danny Brassell is by far one of our most entertaining, inspiring, motivating and dynamic speaker. The half hour we give our speakers sometimes feels too long. Danny’s presentation felt like he only spoke for five minutes – he had captured the interest of our members. He definitely influenced members to be readers for life.”

Elsa Gillham, President

Wilshire Rotary Club

Los Angeles, California


“Dr. Danny Brassell is the ‘Rachel Ray’ of reading. Danny’s tips on how to incorporate quick and simple reading habits into daily routines, told in his hilarious and engaging style, captivated our audiences. He is insightful and inspirational!”

Michelle Kahen, Associate Director


Los Angeles, California


“Danny Brassell is not only a dynamic speaker he is a little bit of eye candy for the group! Seriously, I would suggest Danny to any group who is looking for someone who can capture an audience with knowledge, charm, and humor. Book him if you can.”

Lisa D’Angelo, Executive Director

Westchester Family YMCA

Westchester, California


“Danny captured the attention of 350 Rotarians and Guest at our First Rotary District breakfast. I received a number of compliments on his engaging, energetic and humorist presentation on how be motivate children of all ages to read instead of watching TV…how to make reading FUN while educating at the same time. Mr.Brassell would be a real asset to any program or event that you may have planned.”

Chuck Anderson, C.P.A.

Rotary Governor District 5280, 2008-09

Los Angeles, California


“In the past 40 years I have been interviewed by many companies around the world with my seminar company, and Danny Brassell is the best. He listens to the person whom he is interviewing with great warmth and understanding and can ask just the right questions to help the audience like and enjoy the person being interviewed. This is a gift.”

Joyce Turley, MS, CSP

Founder, Dimensional Reading, Inc.

Tiburon, California


“Every educator, parent, policymaker and student needs to listen to Danny. His passion for literacy is unparalleled, and his energy and enthusiasm are sure to leave you mesmerized and eager to run to your local bookstore. Danny Brassell is truly America’s leading reading ambassador, and I guarantee he will inspire you to want to read vociferously and achieve more. I am grateful to know him.”

Sheri Fink, Best-Selling Children’s Author and International Speaker

The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink

Irvine, California


“It was an honor to be a guest on Danny’s show. He was a thoughtful and considerate host. He really does ‘make a difference’ in all he does.”

Ian Griffin, Freelance Speechwriter

Executive Communications

San Francisco, California


“I was a recent guest on Danny Brassell’s People Make a Difference program in Southern California. It was a very beneficial experience. The interview lasted 30 minutes. I was impressed with the amount of homework Danny did prior to the interview. Danny is an excellent, upbeat, professional journalist and interviewer who brought the best out of me. It was a pleasure to be a guest on the program. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how far the program reaches. I was getting comments from people I know from all over the United States. All of his efforts also helped to spike book sales of my new book, Choclatique-150 Simply Elegant Desserts.

Ed Engoron, Co-Founder

Choclatique, www.Choclatique.com

Los Angeles, California


“I highly recommend Danny Brassell. He is a very insightful professional. He is enthusiastic about his work and it comes across in the joy and sensitivity he exudes. Danny offers a compassionate view of his work, and is constantly working to improve and master his craft. He connects both with his guest and his audience on a personal level. I enjoyed working with Danny and will do so again.”

John Seeley, M.A., Owner,

Blue Moon Wonders

Los Angeles, California


“My husband and I were guests on Danny’s show People Making a Difference, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His goal is to inspire others to make a difference themselves, and he was able to elicit from each of us our unique story so that we could motivate others. He made it so easy to share the details of our inspiration, bumps on the road, and successes. He is the perfect role model himself!”

Jacqueline Caster, President and Founder

Everychild Foundation

Pacific Palisades, California


“Danny knows how to make people feel comfortable. He is knowledgeable, witty, and really likes people, which makes him a great interviewer. The time on his show flew by, and I really enjoyed the experience. If you have an opportunity to be on a show hosted by Danny, certainly accept the offer. After the interview, Danny seems like a good, old-time friend.”

Andrew Caster, M.D., Medical Director

Caster Eye Center

Pacific Palisades, California


“Danny is a real renaissance sort of person. His interest and commitments are vast, yet he remains very focused on those that support his passion. He is a powerful teacher and educator and at the same time very generous with his time and willingness to share. Danny wants YOU to succeed, while he is in the background giving you that gentle ‘kick in the seat of the pants!’ He is a pleasure to work with and a true humanitarian in sharing what he knows and creating opportunities for YOU to succeed.”

Dr. Daniel Moirao, Coach

World Class Speaking

San Francisco, California


“Danny was a pleasure to work for his TV show. With such passion, heart and dedication to his work and teaching others. I was delighted to be a guest on his show sharing my passion for how I help new moms. Thank YOU, Danny for making a difference!”

Carrie Vawter-Yousfi, Founder

Mommy’s Coach

Los Gatos, California


“A phenomenal speaker for Teacher Created Materials, Danny Brassell has motivated educators nationally and has quickly become one of the most sought-after presenters.” 

Linda De Carvalho, Marketing Communications Specialist

Teacher Created Materials

Huntington Beach, California


“I was flattered to be invited to be a guest on People Make a Difference, hosted by Danny Brassell. Danny’s warm demeanor and engaging style made me feel welcome and brought out the best in me. Thank you, Danny.”

Mark Susnow, Executive Coach/Professional Speaker/Author,

Inspire Possibility

San Francisco, California


“Danny certainly is motivational! He has a tremendous amount of positive energy that permeates the audience. Furthermore he really knows his material and has command of a huge quantity of information. So, when you go to hear him be ready to be alert, write quickly, laugh lots, and leave brimming with new ideas.
I highly recommend Danny as a top-notch speaker.” 

Francie Yeager, Conference Planner

Staff Development for Educators

Peterborough, New Hampshire


“Dr. Danny Brassell is the best advocate for literacy and the love of reading. With his extensive knowledge and real-world experience in the classroom, he wins over veteran educators. Danny revolutionized the tutor trainings at The Wonder of Reading. He lives the ideal that ‘learning is fun.’ Tutors walk out ready, equipped, and excited to share the love of reading with any child. His trainings were so popular that seasoned school teachers, counselors, and librarians took the day off to participate. It was a privilege to work with him and especially to learn from him all these years.

Despite his national popularity as a speaker on all aspects of literacy and education, Danny maintains his staunch support of literacy organizations in Los Angeles. Literacy Network of Greater LA, The Wonder of Reading, and BookEnds have benefited much thanks to Danny’s patronage.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Danny Brassell as a dynamic speaker to empower people and organizations to make the world a fun place to learn.”

Tarry Kang, Development Manager

MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity)

Pacoima, California


“I would like to thank Danny for the keynote speech he did for the Special Education Council’s ‘Celebrating Challenges’ Conference in Kananaskis, Alberta. I felt very much engaged through the entire presentation. It was entertaining, rewarding and educational.”

Barouch Chai, President/CEO

Microcomputer Science Centre Inc.

Mississauga, Ontario


 “When I was a teenager, I became homeless to save my life. Fleeing abuse, I had to learn how to survive at a very young age. The first thing to be sacrificed was my education. I became a high school drop out in favor of finding a job and supporting myself.


Today, despite my success, there is nothing I envy more than an education. I am a slow reader, and thus a slow learner. This is why I love what Danny Brassell does. He teaches us how to instill a passion and a skill for reading in very young children, and he does it in a way that is both entertaining and compelling. His talks are funny, polished and engaging. He also delivered one of the top TEDx speeches I saw at the event I attended in California.


One of the greatest qualities in children – one I hope we can keep vitally active through adulthood – is curiosity. But if we can’t read or, like me, our reading skills are stifled, that brilliant curiosity gets extinguished to a large degree because our avenues for learning become blocked. I wish there was a Danny Brassell around when I was a kid. Hire him. Apply what he teaches to today’s young learners. Great readers make great leaders.”

Lia Grimanis, named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women

Toronto, Ontario